Grace explores themes of intimacy, nostalgia, relationships, and the beauty in the unintentional through various mediums. She primarily works with photography across forms, including: digital and film photography; scanography; cyanotype printing; and screenprinting. As a working artist and student, experimentation is a large part of her process.

One of her keystone projects was a polaroid series focused on defining  platontic intimacy between young people. The fifteen-photo series celebrated the undefined, seemingly mundane, yet beautiful aspects of intimacy between friends. Much of her work focuses on similar themes of friendship, love, sex, the self, and dynamics.

She created a small photographic research project looking at peers' bedrooms in New York City, photographing and discussing the ways in which people in their 20s in New York City live and curate their spaces. She approached the space as a reflection of personality and perception, as well as defining the taxonomy constituting the personal habitat. 

She is currently working to complete her first self-published book. The photos and writing pieces in the book explore five relationships in her life in a year's time. The work centers on the ways in which she grew with or without these people, and serves as a medium to explore the diversity in masculine/feminine relationships. The project is projected to be completed in summer of 2023.

Much of her work is focused around relationships in the artist’s life. She finds most inspiration from personal relationships, memories, music, fashion, and nature. 

Recently she has been working to explore other ways of photographic presentation and exhibition: metal work, clay forms, etc.

Grace is originally from Encinitas, California and has many other interests including matcha, vintage watches, kundalini yoga, music, cooking, and design history.

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