Location: New York
Date: 2023

Details: Curatorial studies is a photographic research and analysis project with the goal of exploring how my peers think about their things and how we as people create our habitats for ourselves. It started as a self exploration project looking at my bedroom, how I organized it and also how it naturally formed itself in many ways. I began looking at the space in a more analytical way, why do my things live the way they do, where they do, why do I even have them. I thought about my room as a habitat for my survival and broke it down into three general categories: resource, emotion, and perception. After looking through and discussing things with myself I did some research on the structures and pillars of animal habitats as scientists look at them. In a very general sense I broke it down into three comparable categories to my own: habitat architecture, active habitat preference, and habitat relationships. With these categories in mind I wanted to go out and explore other “habitats”. I wanted to see if we all have some sort of unconscious structure to the ways in which our curation of things create our personal “habitat”.